There’s a reason that rocket showed up. You’ve been on our site before.

This is a simple concept called Remarketing. Remarketing allows businesses to target specific audiences who have already visited their website and place ads in front of them via the Google Display Network.

You’ve probably seen it in action before… Ever seen an item of clothing you like online, but clicked away from the site and forgotten all about it. Sometime later, an ad for that site will have popped up, right? Well, that’s Remarketing! It’s all about increasing the possibility that a customer that you’ve lost will come back and convert.

If you’re struggling with getting clicks to be conversions then Remarketing is an avenue well worth exploring. Here at Digital Gearbox we’re experts at Remarketing in its various formats. We’d be happy to help you begin your voyage into bringing back lost customers!

If you’d like to understand Remarketing better, or need help with your own Remarketing activity fill in the form below and we’ll help show you the way!