What Is It?

RLSA stands for Remarketing Lists for Search Advertising. It’s a very nifty way of creating specific Keywords ads that can only be seen by past visitors to your website.


No? Keep reading, it will become clear we promise.

What Does it do?

One of the challenges of any Google Keywords activity is that the people you put the ads in front of don’t know your brand, which reduces click through rates and conversion rates. With RLSA we can put the ads in front of only people who know your brand, improving click through rate and conversion – making sure your advocates continue to buy from you.

RLSA enables us to put normal Google search engine advertising ONLY in front of people who know your website. We can also differentiate between customers and enquirers as well as by the recency of their visit, enabling loyal customers to be rewarded and those on the fence to be offered tempting discounts.

How Does it Work?

The data on your previous visitors is gathered in exactly the same way as Remarketing. However, by defining different parameters in Adwords you can create a separate list of these visitors to use specifically for your RLSA campaigns. You then choose keywords you want to target in the same way you would for a Keywords campaign, with the difference being that only past visitors searches will trigger your ads. This means you can try out some terms that would be too expensive to risk otherwise!

How Can Digital Gearbox Help Me?

There are a number of key strategies we use with RLSA, and we’ll discuss which of these works best for your business, but here is a quick run down of our most commonly used RLSA techniques::

RLSA Testing Zone – Rather than try out new ideas on the whole world, we’ll try them out in front of previous visitors to your website. Then we take the best performers and roll them out to the whole world. This takes the risk out of testing new ideas, saving you money and enabling us to find the best keywords faster.

RLSA Customer Protection – When your customers search for your competitors we can make sure they see an ad for you – to bring them back into the fold. Improves client retention.

RLSA Scary Terms – There are those big fat expensive terms we’d love to bid on, but it’s just too expensive. However, you still want to make sure your customers to find you by using them… and now you can!

Our RLSA Package

RLSA Circles
Want to incorporate the awesome advantages of RLSA in your Adwords strategy? Luckily, we’ve made getting this tool really simple as it’s included free when you choose us to run your Keywords and Remarketing campaigns.

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I’m pretty tech savvy, do I really need your help?

Understanding the basics of Google Adwords can be fairly straightforward, however managing a successful account is increasingly difficult. Let us put our expertise and experience to work for your business and reach your goals together!

As an official Google Partner, the team at Digital Gearbox love being ahead of the curve with the latest strategies and Adwords advancements. We constantly review our clients accounts, optimising where it is needed to make sure that you’re getting the right traffic at the best price, to save you both time and money.

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