Search Ads

Be Found In The Moment

Right Now People Are Looking For Your Kind Of Business.

Get In Front Of Them.

As you read this potential customers are searching online for the kind of products or services that you offer. 

With Search advertising using Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing) we can ensure that they can see your business as the ideal solution for their needs.

Search is simple: whenever someone searches using Google or Bing, the term is matched with a keyword which in turn triggers your ads.

The best part? You’ll only ever pay for that ad when people click on it to visit your website or call your business.

Our Approach

Search Ads are effective, but they can be time consuming and dangerous if left to run unmanaged. Mismanagement of campaigns is one of the most common for the failure of a campaign, and can put a business off PPC for life. Obviously we don’t want that!

As a dedicated PPC agency, Digital Gearbox have the expertise to carefully craft, and maintain strategic campaigns. All designed to ensure the best possible return for investment.

Our Search Ads campaign approach a perfect blend of technical and creative. We get down and dirty with frequent adjustments to ensure optimium performance, while also continually testing ad copy and the latest innovations offered by Google and Microsoft.

Case Study

Learn How We Reduced Fisher Alvin's Average Cost Per Conversion By £47