Shopping Ads

Google Is your new shop window

Get your products seen by potential buyers faster than ever before.

Having a fantastic product isn’t enough; you have to make sure that people get to see them. With a text ad it can be hard for a potential customer to know exactly what they’ll see when they click on your ad.

So why not take out the middleman and put your products straight onto the Google search results? Google Shopping lets you do just that.

Product Listing Ads contain an image of your product, the product title, the product price and your business name. This information is pulled from a Product Feed which is linked to Google Merchant Centre.

Our Approach

Like Search, Shopping campaigns require proper care and attention to ensure success. Now firmly established as an eCommerce favourite, Shopping is a fast-moving environment with bids and creative changes a daily occurance in some markets.

But of course, Digital Gearbox have you covered. Our team are well versed in creating and maintaining Shopping campaigns that will deliver a return on your investment, whether you’re selling plastic straws or premium classic motorcars.

Never ran a Shopping campaign? That’s fine, our experts possess all the know-how to get your product feed up and running and generating those all-important sales.

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