What domains should I buy?

I’m often asked by clients about how many domains they should register – should they get .org, .co.uk, .com, .net…? with and without hyphens? where should they draw the line? There’s no definite answer – you have to ask yourself 2 questions: If I don’t own it will my customers be able to find me? […]

Matching Collars and Cuffs

The Chinese Cafe opposite our office had a new sign put up over the door this week. It’s a fantastic sign – whereas the old one was fairly tatty, pain peeling, and predominantly white. The new one is bright red, 3D, and lit up. It’s made quite a striking difference and essentially bought the signage […]

Voucher Code Searches up 47.5%

Fantastic report out this month from Hitwise shows that searches for voucher codes are up 47.5% year on year. A startling increase and one that leaves any site owner asking themselves a couple of questions: First – should I be on the voucher code sites? Second – how should I be on them? So…