Champs Diary: The Global Trust Conference

Last Thursday, Digital Gearbox attended the Global Trust Conference 2014 in London as proud sponsors. It was a fantastic day full of inspiring talks and gave me a fantastic opportunity to meet and talk with dozens of people from different businesses. What surprised me, however, was the genuine commitment to building trust that came across […]

Champs Diary: Best Infographics to get you started with Email Marketing

Since Sam so helpfully compiled a list of the three best infographics for learning the basics of Google Adwords, I thought I’d put together my own trio of infographics to help those eager to try their hand at Email Marketing. So pay attention, your intensive short course starts here!

Negative Keywords, Positive Results

One of the best parts of my job is getting to take a look at the inner workings of the Google search engine. For something that has become such a permanent fixture in our daily lives, it’s crazy how little most people understand about the actual search process. When it comes to Google Paid Ads […]

The world of product feeds

What’s the biggest spreadsheet you have had to deal with? I currently have one open that has over 65,000 rows, which let’s be honest is an unwieldy size for anything. The reason that I am dealing with such a large sheet of information is for managing the data feeds that enable Google’s Shopping Campaigns (previously […]