Instagram: A Suitable Platform For Businesses?

              When the world is littered with Kardashians and their many loyal followers, hipster cafes serving all kinds of avocado toast, and cats in pyjamas, Instagram’s success as a social media platform follows as a mere logical extension of users wanting to share and capture a moment of their […]

3 Takeaways From Our Digital Marketing Masterclass With Google

It’s impossible to host a digital marketing masterclass to the scale of the one that we did and not take away some crucial pointers. The wide range of speakers from a multitude of fields within digital marketing meant that although we were the go-to-guys for the planning, set-up and structure of the event, we ended […]

Facebook getting a share of PPC budgets

According to these results Facebook is being consistently used by 4% of marketers as part of their pay per click traffic. Immediately that suggests it might be worth taking a look at and testing – not least because it should be a way to get ahead of the competition – who probably aren’t there yet. […]