New Job, New Office, New Colleagues… My First Week As An Apprentice.

The Story Of Me, The Apprentice, Finding This Apprenticeship. After 2 months of relaxing and no stress (apart from waiting for my exam results) I decided it was time to get my act together and to start looking for something. After about 2 weeks of looking for an apprenticeship in marketing or events I came […]

RIP AdWords: Google Set To Rebrand Flagship Marketing Platform

rip adwords

After nearly two decades AdWords will cease to be. Well…sorta anyways. Yesterday (Tuesday 26th June 2018) Google announced that flagship marketing brands AdWords and DoubleClick will be changing in a new effort to streamline its offerings. Simplification and ease-of-use have long been marketing strategies for Google’s wide array of products. AdWords is universally known as […]

Google advert position doesn’t affect conversion rate..

A very interesting statement about PPC adtext positions has come out of Google HQ. Their chief economist Hal Varian has been researching what impact the position in the search listings has on the conversion rate of the traffic.