Set Your Marketing Alight With Google Adwords

Google Adwords Alight

Did you go to a bonfire night display this week? Were you full of expectation, soaking up the energy and feeling invigorated by the incredible display of beautiful lights in the sky? There is nothing better than the anticipation as the display builds towards the grand finale, with each firework outdoing the last! You’re willing […]

3 Common & Easily Fixed Google Adwords Mistakes

Google Adwords Mistake

It would be easy to blog about 10, 20, even 30 common Google Adwords mistakes. Let’s save the bulk of those for another day and focus instead on what are the three most common and easily-fixed errors marketers tend to make when setting up their Google Adwords campaigns.

A Measure of Success – Finding the Best Performing Ad

drag racing

Comparison is at the root of identifying success. A race is won by the fastest time, a football game by the most goals and a pie eating contest by the collapse of the first chair, but these results mean nothing on their own.