Can I Bid On My Competitors Brand Keywords?

“Can I bid on my competitors brand name?” is one of most common questions we get asked here at Digital Gearbox. There is a deal of controversy surrounding this topic in the world of PPC; indeed, most of it stems from a lot of less seasoned advertisers being under the impression that this form of […]

Hidden Adwords Gems For Customer Acquisition

For many, when asked about Google Adwords they will refer to it as an online advertising channel which can be used to list ads for a business on a search engine results page by bidding on selected keywords. Whilst this is a not in inaccurate description of it, it does grossly underplay the full capabilities […]

How To Apply The AIDA Model To Google Adwords

aida model adwords

In the Google Adwords world we sometimes concentrate too much on keywords, bids and ad copy. Sometimes we need to take a step back and think about ‘the customer’, ‘the searcher’ and ultimately the individual we want to make ‘the purchase’. Now its time to take a step back…

Top 28 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I was An Adwords Beginner – Infographic

28 tips for the Adwords beginner

For the average Adwords beginner, all the different tools and options presented when setting up your campaigns can be a little overwhelming. To make matters worse, Google’s Adwords tutorials can often be highly misleading and encourage you to build your account in a way that may not achieve consistent results for you. Different approaches may […]