RIP AdWords: Google Set To Rebrand Flagship Marketing Platform

rip adwords

After nearly two decades AdWords will cease to be. Well…sorta anyways. Yesterday (Tuesday 26th June 2018) Google announced that flagship marketing brands AdWords and DoubleClick will be changing in a new effort to streamline its offerings. Simplification and ease-of-use have long been marketing strategies for Google’s wide array of products. AdWords is universally known as […]

Can I Bid On My Competitors Brand Keywords?

“Can I bid on my competitors brand name?” is one of most common questions we get asked here at Digital Gearbox. There is a deal of controversy surrounding this topic in the world of PPC; indeed, most of it stems from a lot of less seasoned advertisers being under the impression that this form of […]

Hidden Adwords Gems For Customer Acquisition

For many, when asked about Google Adwords they will refer to it as an online advertising channel which can be used to list ads for a business on a search engine results page by bidding on selected keywords. Whilst this is a not in inaccurate description of it, it does grossly underplay the full capabilities […]

Meet Our New PPC Account Manager – Matt Lowson!

We have some very exciting news… we’re delighted to introduce our new account manager and PPC expert, Matt! Matt has joined us with a background in in-house PPC management for a software company in central London, so he’s already clued up on the tricks of the trade. Right now, he’s sinking his teeth into our […]

Google Remarketing – What is it and how can it help your business?

Everyone seems to be talking about Google Remarketing at the moment.  Well they might not be using that exact term but it is definitely a hot topic in Digital Marketing.  Do you know what it is?  No, then this blog is the one for you. Google remarketing in action Even if you haven’t heard the […]