New Google Analytics – what’s it all about?

If you’ve logged into your Google Analytics account recently you’ll have seen it’s had a bit of a makeover. Well, it’s actually a bit more than that – so in this post I’m going to run through the best bits and how they can benefit you. Before we delve into the new stuff though – […]

Google’s Encrypting SEO Keyword Results ‘Secure Search’

This is increasingly what we’re all going to get used to seeing in our Analytics Keyword Reports. A set of data attributed to “(not provided)”. Why are keyword sources going to be ‘(not provided)’? On 18th October 2011 Google announced that they are rolling encrypted search out to all signed-in users. This is part of […]

Google Analytics – Things you can learn by using filters

What are Google Analytics Filters? The filters within Google Analytics provide you with ways of defining what data is, or isn’t, included in your reports. You can use them to customize your reports so that data that you deem useful is easily highlighted. Filters are created in the “Analytics Settings > Filter Manager” section of […]

Top 5 Google Analytics Tips

Google Analytics provides an amazing insight into your website and best of all it is free, if you do not have Google analytics on your site, click here to set it up now! With such a large amount of information available through analytics, finding a starting point can be difficult. I have listed my top […]