Google Shopping Campaigns (GSCs) – Everything you need to know

Keywords are great for getting your products to the top of Google’s search engine – but what if your product is very visual – is a text advert enough? They say a picture is worth a thousand words and with Google Shopping Campaigns you can feature an image of your product right there in the […]

Using Google Shopping Campaigns as a Shop Window

Product Listing Ads

If you were out shopping for something specific and you walked past a shop you knew nothing about, the name on the hoarding alone probably wouldn’t get you through the door – but a glance through the shop window might.  This is a great way of thinking about Google Shopping Campaigns.

Google Base – the end is nigh! Or is it?

On the 31st May Google’s Commerce team announced the end of free listings in Google Shopping. At the moment this only affects US businesses. Yep, that’s right – the lovely Google Base feeds that mean eCommerce businesses can promote their products in Google Product results for free is not going to be available to US […]