Google Shopping Campaigns (GSCs) – Everything you need to know

Keywords are great for getting your products to the top of Google’s search engine – but what if your product is very visual – is a text advert enough? They say a picture is worth a thousand words and with Google Shopping Campaigns you can feature an image of your product right there in the […]

Using Google Shopping Campaigns as a Shop Window

Product Listing Ads

If you were out shopping for something specific and you walked past a shop you knew nothing about, the name on the hoarding alone probably wouldn’t get you through the door – but a glance through the shop window might.  This is a great way of thinking about Google Shopping Campaigns.

The Top 4 Things You Need To Know About Google Product Feeds

Google Shopping Campaigns are a great way to get more eCommerce sales. Putting a product image and a price in front of potential customers you know are searching for products is a great way of enticing people in. However if you don’t understand how product listing ads work on the back end you are going […]

The world of product feeds

What’s the biggest spreadsheet you have had to deal with? I currently have one open that has over 65,000 rows, which let’s be honest is an unwieldy size for anything. The reason that I am dealing with such a large sheet of information is for managing the data feeds that enable Google’s Shopping Campaigns (previously […]