The Missing Link? Using LinkedIn As An Effective Marketing Channel – Part Two

Part 1 of this blog series explored the effective marketing tactics that businesses can start utilising within LinkedIn to market their business more effectively for free. This part explores the paid advertising tactics that the platform currently has to offer, and why you might want to consider putting at least some of your marketing budget […]

The Missing Link? Using LinkedIn As An Effective Marketing Channel – Part One

LinkedIn has come a long way over the past few years. Having launched in 2003, they’ve turned the platform from a simple social channel that was designed to allow people to connect with past and present colleagues, into somewhat of a juggernaut of a platform. Today, LinkedIn has over 414 million members who now actively […]

A Change Will Do You Good

Across the message boards and comments sections of digital marketing blogs and forums, I’ve observed a strange phenomenon: Online advertisers complaining about change.

LinkedIn Company Pages – It’s Time to Showcase your Products

On 14th April 2014, LinkedIn are retiring the Products & Services tab from all Company Pages, forcing those using the popular social media site to share content about their product and services via company updates or through showcase pages. Showcase pages have been recently introduced as a new method of displaying information about products and […]

Top 3 Linkedin Advertising Tips

Here are my top 3 tips for succeeding with linkedin directads: Should you even be using it? The first question you should ask yourself is should I be advertising on LinkedIn? If you are looking to target professionals when they are in professional mode, then it may be the right choice for you. But it […]