Time’s Running Out For Your Regular Product Listing Ads

Back in February we posted about Google’s big announcement that Google Shopping Campaigns were being rolled out across the UK  promising a better and more straight forward way to optimise, use and create  Product Listing Ads (PLAs). We also reported that they were set to replace the regular PLA with a rather vague switch off period of “August” , […]

Digital Gearbox Introduces New Google Shopping Campaigns Service!

We are excited to announce the launch of Google Shopping Campaigns as the newest done-for-you service available here at Digital Gearbox! Google Shopping Campaigns are a brand new Campaign type within Google Adwords, in which you can manage your Product Listing Ads (PLAs) in a whole new way. They output the same products ads, complete […]

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Keywords

Whether regarding a Van Gogh canvas or browsing a catalogue, pictures can elicit strong emotions of desire and instantly fire our imaginations. There’s a reason why a big business will pay a design company thousands of pounds to design to their logo; an image can instantly convey information and at a glance give a prospective […]

Google Shopping Campaigns – the bullet point guide

In February 2014 Google announced it was rolling out the Google Shopping Campaign functionality to all Adwords users. This will be a replacement of the current PLA campaign option, and should make it easier and more straight forward to use PLAs. But what does this mean for UK eCommerce businesses? Here’s our bullet-point guide to […]

A Master Guide to PLAs – Infographic

Later today I’m running a live free seminar all about Setting up and optimising Product Listing Ads – but if you want a head start this is a great infographic. The Seminar will run through how to set up your PLAs for maximum impact, and then how to optimise them. You can sign up here […]