Google Shopping Campaigns (GSCs) – Everything you need to know

Keywords are great for getting your products to the top of Google’s search engine – but what if your product is very visual – is a text advert enough? They say a picture is worth a thousand words and with Google Shopping Campaigns you can feature an image of your product right there in the […]

Time’s Running Out For Your Regular Product Listing Ads

Back in February we posted about Google’s big announcement that Google Shopping Campaigns were being rolled out across the UK  promising a better and more straight forward way to optimise, use and create  Product Listing Ads (PLAs). We also reported that they were set to replace the regular PLA with a rather vague switch off period of “August” , […]

A Master Guide to PLAs – Infographic

Later today I’m running a live free seminar all about Setting up and optimising Product Listing Ads – but if you want a head start this is a great infographic. The Seminar will run through how to set up your PLAs for maximum impact, and then how to optimise them. You can sign up here […]