The Ultimate Guide to Quality Score – Infographic

Why is quality score so important? Because it can save your business money by reducing your cost per lead, that’s why! We’ve found an Ultimate Guide to Quality Score Infographic, so why not spend a minute improving your knowledge of how to improve this valuable rating?

What Is Google Quality Score?

Quality Score Stars

If you have any experience of Google Adwords you may have come across the phrase “Quality Score”. Quality Score is a very important aspect of any Google Adwords campaign and if you don’t understand what it is then you are likely not getting the most out of you Google ads. This blog will give you […]

Improving your Google Adwords quality score – Infographic

This infographic looks at what it is that makes up your Google Adwords Quality Score and how to improve it. Quality Score is vital to getting your ads where they need to be so this infographic is a must read for anyone using Google Adwords.