An Introduction To Google Remarketing Lists


I recently posted a blog explaining what Google Remarketing is and how it can help businesses to recapture the 90% of all their website visitors who leave, without placing an order or submitting their interest, by targeting them with adverts as they browsed across other people’s websites. In today’s blog I am delving deeper into the different remarketing strategies […]

Google Remarketing – What is it and how can it help your business?

Everyone seems to be talking about Google Remarketing at the moment.  Well they might not be using that exact term but it is definitely a hot topic in Digital Marketing.  Do you know what it is?  No, then this blog is the one for you. Google remarketing in action Even if you haven’t heard the […]

Why Remarketing is a Must-Do for 2012

If I told you I could identify the people on your website who left without buying, and then I could get them back to your site again to buy – you’d be interested wouldn’t you? Well that’s exactly what remarketing (or retargeting in some circles) enables you to do. With a cunning implementation of cookies, […]