The Beginner’s Guide to SEO for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Aaron from The Evergreen Agency in Bicester has kindly put together a handy beginner’s guide for those of you getting start on your SEO journey as well as focusing on your Adwords with Digital Gearbox. Have a read of these tips and remember Aaron is actively helping lots of local businesses in Oxford with their […]

Matt Lowson’s IRX eCommerce Takeaways

Last month I was able to head up to Birmingham to visit the UK’s largest multichannel retail event learning about the latest on eCommerce. The internet retailing expo revealed a number of new innovations and strategies that we should all be looking into. My main take away was a case study by Nick Wilsdon, SEO […]

3 Takeaways From Our Digital Marketing Masterclass With Google

It’s impossible to host a digital marketing masterclass to the scale of the one that we did and not take away some crucial pointers. The wide range of speakers from a multitude of fields within digital marketing meant that although we were the go-to-guys for the planning, set-up and structure of the event, we ended […]

The War On Free Clicks – Infographic

Earlier this year the folks over at eConsultancy reported that 36% of people still don’t realise that Google Adwords are ads. A figure that might surprise those who have previously dismissed the opportunities that paid search offers with statements such as “I never click the ads, so why would my customers”.

Why is DMOZ important for SEO?

What is DMOZ? DMOZ (aka the Open Directory Project) is probably the single most important directory on the internet. Put simply, it’s the largest human-edited directory of websites (and therefore links) that’s ever existed. It’s size and human-input mean it’s highly regarded by search engines. Plus it’s quite well-linked with Google. They use the data […]