Google Trends – another great online tool

I’m always surprised how few people know about Google Trends. So I thought I should do a quick blog on it to spread the word. It’s a fantastic tool from the Google Labs that enables you to analyse search traffic. A great way to quickly sense check an SEO keyword decision – not least because […]

Using Google Insights in search marketing

Google insights is an effective tool for gathering information about key words which you can then use for either pay per click campaigns or search engine optimisation activity. It helps you find the right keywords to optimise your site for Insight allows you to compare keywords across time range and location. When you visit insight, […]

Online Reputation Management… taking it personally

We see a lot in the press about how brands need to manage their online reputation – keeping an eye on what people are saying about them, reacting to it, and trying to encourage consumers to say it on the brands own website – making it easier to deal with!