How we reduced Fisher Alvin’s average cost per conversion by £47

Fisher Alvin’s main goals were to generate more leads, more web traffic, an increased search impression share, a reduced cost-per-conversion and an overall more efficient account.

We used a mixture of Ads Keywords, Remarketing and RLSA to bring in the bulk of visitors to the website, segmenting the account meticulously and intricately to ensure traffic would go to the correct places and ultimately, to ensure the account would achieve their aims.

The Situation

One of our partner agencies, website designers Technique Web approached us to get involved in the management of Fisher Alvin’s digital marketing strategy after their client expressed his concerns to them about the fleeting performance of their self-managed Google Ads account.

Our Solution

Following taking over the management of Fisher Alvin’s Ads account, we overhauled the existing Ads campaigns and replaced them with campaigns and ad group that followed best practice guidelines much better and included more of their products as well as a brand campaign and campaigns to get in front of competitor’s brands.

We also updated the account to ensure that the strategies and ad formats were all up to date. Where many of the old ads were in the old Keywords format, we overhauled these to create expanded text ads where the old text ads once were. We also rolled out a Remarketing campaign to ensure customers that had visited the site had the opportunity to come back and convert.

Naturally, once we’ve put all this hard work into the account, we want to ensure the success continues. An integral part of our strategy is to continually optimise on weekly, monthly, quarterly and also annual time scales. These are designed to increase conversions, reduce the cost of those conversions and get more people to the website!

The Results

73% Increase in impressions

59% Increase in conversions

£47 Decrease in cost per conversion

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