How Digital Gearbox is helping Misco keep the world connected using Google Ads

Our timely deployment of a Google Ads campaign helped Misco – one of the UK’s leading suppliers of IT hardware and software solutions – satisfy increased consumer demand, generating £105 of revenue for every £1 spent on Google Ads.

Here’s how we did it.

The Situation

Right now remote IT solutions are in high demand in both private and commercial sectors. Everyone wants a laptop to ensure they’re staying connected to friends and family, while businesses are investing in equipment to make sure their people can remain productive from the comfort of their home.

Having worked on a campaign for laptops earlier in the year, Misco knew that Digital Gearbox could ensure that the cost effective laptops they had in stock were promoted correctly to customers naturally searching for them.

Our Solution

Already working with Misco on a number of high-profile product campaigns, we switched our focus to help accommodate the change in market demand and opportunities Misco had identified.

When in-market, people tend to research laptops rather extensively. We like to know we’re getting the best solution for our money. With this in mind, we created product-specific Search campaigns to target people and organisations explicitly looking for these laptops. Our aim was to be visible at the end of the research phase, in the right place at the right time when that person or organisation had made their decision to purchase.

With over 30,000 IT consumables available to buy on their website, Google Shopping has always been a large part of Misco’s Google Ads strategy. However, with such a large volume of products in place, ensuring the best products are getting in front of ready to buy audiences can be a challenge. So to give these 2 products that extra juice for this project, we segmented them into a new high priority campaign, allowing us to reach those more visual buyers and optimise for maximum exposure.

Aware that people who had visited the site and looked at other laptops in the last 7 days may be interested in these great deals, we set up a Remarketing campaign to push these products in front of them on other websites after their visit to the Misco site had concluded without a transaction.

The Results

£154 Total Click Spend

9.5% Search CTR

£16,256 Revenue

Within a 48 hour period our product ads were seen 3,583 times, and drove 199 visits to the product landing pages.

In terms of ad click-through rates (CTR) we saw well above average response rates, with 9.5% CTR for Search, 1% CTR for Shopping and 1.92% CTR for Display.

During this same period Misco reported 240 online sales of these laptop units, with £16,255.66 in sales directly attributed to our Google Ads campaigns.

All for a total campaign spend of just £154.48.

What The Client Had To Say...

“Becky and the team at Digital Gearbox have been fantastic with us all year, running a mixture of specific campaigns for vendors and products as well as more generally promoting the Misco brand back into the market. Where they’ve really excelled is on occasions like this one where we have been able to secure highly valuable stock of a product that customers want at a competitive price and they’ve been agile in flexible in working with us each time our focus skus have changed.”

Andrew Dickens, Head of Product Management – Misco UK

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