How We Increased The Pi Hut’s Revenue By 216% Using Facebook Ads

Nearly 2 billion people worldwide are using Facebook to connect and engage with businesses. Having already helped The Pi Hut conquer Google Ads we turned our attention to the social media giant to help our partner reach new audiences and unlock even more sales.

This is how we did it.

The Situation

An early adopter of Facebook pages for business, The Pi Hut had already established a large following on their page but were struggling to engage with and tap into this as an additional sales channel.

At the same time they were also looking for new ways to leverage their email list, a list known to be very responsive to email promotion campaigns.

Prior to our intervention The Pi Hut’s Facebook page had been largely untouched for 2 years. They had tested a couple of simple post and page boosts using Facebook’s on-page facility, but this wasn’t very targeted, or effective.

Our Solution

Leaning on Facebook first and foremost as a remarketing channel we created campaigns to target three distinct groups: 1) members of The Pi Hut’s email list 2) website visitors and 3) key page engagers.

Connecting The Pi Hut’s email list to a campaign targeting matched email addresses against those used by users on the platform, allowed us to reach these potential customers for the first time on the platform.

A campaign to target website visitors, a tried and tested tactic, ensured The Pi Hut remained in front of potential customers who had previously browsed products on-site. Combining Facebook’s pixel and The Pi Hut’s product catalogue also meant that we were able to dynamically deliver product ads, personalised to the user’s search behavior and shopping habits.

Page engagers, being an audience with increased intent, were also targeted with a healthy mixture of ad creative, including eye-catching single image ads and carousel ads demonstrating a wide range of products.

In addition to Remarketing we also created a number of new custom audience campaigns to push The Pi Hut in front of new audiences to 1) drive traffic to the page and website and 2) to maintain the healthy email list for remarketing.

Audiences were carefully researched, including niche hobbyists, personal computer enthusiasts and those outside the key demographics looking to gift technology.

The Results

Immediate impact

By the end of year one, our campaigns were responsible for 5,694 sales with a ROAS of £10.

By the end of our second year of campaign operation, we grew this further with 16,727 sales, an improved ROAS of £17, and a generated revenue of just over £906k.

216% increase in total revenue

In total, our work on Facebook has resulted in a 193% increase in The Pi Hut’s sales, as well as a 216% increase in total revenue.

What The Client Had To Say...

“Digital Gearbox delivered big with our Google campaigns, and they’ve done it again with Facebook. Their campaigns are simple but effective, and have unlocked a completely new revenue stream that until a couple of years ago was just a dream.

They’re game-changers.”

– Jamie Mann, Managing Director, The Pi Hut

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