How we boosted The Pi Hut’s Google Ads ROI by 173%

Google Ads delivered £4.38 of revenue for every £1 spent by The Pi Hut, until we started managing their account a year ago.

Now it generates £10.23 for every £1 spent.

Here’s how we made that happen.

The Situation

The Pi Hut is an online superstore dedicated to everything Raspberry Pi, a bare bones computer used to learn programming and build robots at home.

They’d run Google Ads through another agency for some years but were disappointed with the results delivered – so turned to us for help.

Our Solution

Our audit identified multiple aspects of the account that needed big improvements. So we rebuilt the entire thing…

  • We replaced their 2 existing search campaigns with 6 new ones, each focused on a different stage of the customer journey.
  • We segmented the shopping campaign, which allows us to assess bids at a granular level and direct the budget to where it’ll have the greatest impact.
  • We launched remarketing display campaigns. Now when someone visits The Pi Hut’s website but doesn’t purchase, The Pi Hut ads will appear as they browse across the internet, keeping our client’s products at the forefront of their mind.

But that’s not all.

Once we’d rebuilt the account, the true bulk of the work began: the arduous and unsexy process of ongoing optimisation…

  • We measure the performance of individual keywords and products, so we know which to bid up on, which to bid down on, and which to pause.
  • We experiment with different ads and measure their performance, so we can continue to work towards the ads that resonate best with The Pi Hut’s target audience.
  • We trawl through the 1000’s of search terms every month that trigger an ad. We identify and eliminate all irrelevant terms from future searches, so the quality of traffic seeing The Pi Hut’s ads constantly improves.

The Results

64.2% Conversion rate increase

41.7% Decrease in cost per conversion

173% ROI increase

What The Client Had To Say...

“As a business owner, having Digital Gearbox run our PPC means I have one less thing to think about. They’ve delivered on bringing better returns & significantly boosting revenue.

“If you want to grow your eCommerce business, use Digital Gearbox.”

Jamie Mann – Founder, The Pi Hut

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