Clubhouse: The Next Go-To Platform For Digital Marketers?

There’s a new social media platform, and it’s gobbling up millions of users worldwide – Its name? Clubhouse.

Will this shiny new app become the next Facebook rival? 

Are advertisers and brands going to flock to Clubhouse? 

We dig deeper into Clubhouse, giving you an insight into its potential for marketers.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse calls itself ‘a new type of social network based on voice—where people around the world come together to talk, listen and learn from each other in real-time’. 

In essence, it is an audio-only app where users can join and listen to discussions focused on certain topics.

In order to join the conversation as a speaker, users must be invited up by the conversation room host. 

There is no option to send any messages, browse any feeds or snap any photos. Even existing conversations are deleted straight after they end, meaning there is no way to browse and listen to a past conversation via the app. 

Although this may sound ridiculous, it really isn’t. 

Some rooms get tens of thousands of listeners at a time, and audience retention can be pretty high, due to the fact you can only listen to the conversation live. FOMO is real.

When did Clubhouse emerge?

After being created back in 2019 by co-founders Rohan Seth and Paul Davison, Clubhouse averaged around 5,000 total users. 

Fast forward to today, the app has around 2 million weekly active users. 

Furthermore, growth has been rapid since the latest investment round back in January, where Clubhouse raised over $100 million from multiple investors. 

Today, the app has been valued at around $1 billion, which is seriously impressive.

This valuation shows that Clubhouse is quickly rising to power, and could soon be snapped up by a social media giant such as Facebook.

How do you join it?

Clubhouse is invite-only. When you join the app (through an invite), you will also get one invite that will allow you to bring a friend to the app. 

If you don’t get invited, fear not – there is also an option to join a waiting list, but just be wary that you could be waiting for a while…

Whether you are a business or an individual, the joining process is the same. You must receive that all-important invite!

Who uses the app?

Traditionally, Clubhouse is used by individuals with certain interests. From writing enthusiasts to sports fans, Clubhouse contains hundreds of clubs that regularly host discussions via the app. 

Celebrities are also quick to move to Clubhouse, with the likes of Elon Musk and Kanye West participating in frequent discussions. 

But what about businesses? Burger King are one of the latest companies to have a presence on the app, which sparked several news stories within the marketing world and opened up many minds to whether the app could be a new path for marketers across the world.

Clubhouse for advertisers?

Although there are no official ways to advertise on Clubhouse yet, there are several ways businesses could utilize the app to reach more people. Let’s explore them here:

  1. Branded Clubs 

Clubs are groups on Clubhouse that follow a certain topic. From religion to astrology, some of the top clubs contain thousands of members. Creating a club in your business’s sector could be a great way to find people interested in what you offer, and at the same time, get involved with a worldwide community. 

  1. Sponsored Host Breaks

If there is already a well-established discussion taking place within your target audience, you could approach the host and propose a one-off payment, in return for a sponsored host break. In this, the host would take a break to tell the audience about your products/services. Of course, this is dependent on the willingness of a host.

  1. Product Placements

Similar to the above, product placements could be a great way to subtly get your products in front of your target audience, raising awareness for your business. 

  1. Be Patient

Clubhouse isn’t going to stop growing. If you get an invite, accept it immediately and make your name heard. Try and join the stage in popular discussions, get involved with the community and build up an initial following. There is bound to be a paid advertisement service on Clubhouse soon, it just isn’t here yet. 

Where can I find Clubhouse?

Clubhouse can be downloaded on the App Store here.

If Clubhouse isn’t your thing, you should consider other advertisement solutions. From Google to Facebook, we can help you kick-start your marketing outreach. Find out how we could help YOUR business today by clicking here.

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