How We Doubled eCommerce Masterplan’s Virtual Summit Attendance Using Google Discovery Ads

A preeminent authority in the ever-growing industry, Chloë Thomas’ eCommerce Masterplan has been instrumental in helping grow businesses online over the last decade, with her annual Summit event an increasingly popular mecca for ambitious business leaders and hungry marketing go-getters.

Looking to reach new audiences in a radically changed landscape where virtual events are now far more commonplace, Chloë tasked Digital Gearbox with connecting the anticipated event with a legion of new digital attendees.

Here’s how we did it.

Our Solution

Challenged to hit the Summit’s 500 attendee target, we leaned on eCommerce Masterplan’s already rich marketing ecosystem, targeting page likers, past engagers, website visitors and email list members with Display campaigns across both Google and Facebook Ads.

Segmented Search campaigns were crafted, dedicated to hoovering traffic from competitor event terms, specific eCommerce event terms, as well as broader terms searched by those who had previously visited the eCMP and Summit pages.

With the Summit competing with plenty of other online events in the digital marketing space we needed to convey all the benefits that separated our event from the competition, a difficult challenge with traditional Search and Display ads.

To overcome this challenge we leaned on Google’s fairly new Discovery ads format which allowed us to serve more informative and enticing content in a way that remained engaging through eye-catching carousel ads.

The Results

Target Smashed!

Combination of our campaigns and Chloe’s excellent event marketing strategy proved a resounding success for eCMP’s first virtual Summit with 985 event sign ups attending the 3-day online event – almost double their original goal.

High Quality Signups

Careful planning to ensure a high quality of guest also proved successful with the event garnering an excellent average feedback score of 4.7 out of 5.

What eCMP Had To Say...

eCommerce Masterplan’s Chloë Thomas was delighted with the impact our campaigns had on her event’s attendance:

“The work Digital Gearbox did for my event was superb, not only delivering for the event itself but also creating a platform of results that we’re now using for multiple other projects too. Plus, because they managed the ads so well, my time and energy was freed up to create a better event, and improve the marketing in our other channels.

This project was a great success and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Digital Gearbox – thanks guys!”

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