Success Story: Green Mile Bedding

How we boosted Green Mile Bedding’s revenue by 110% whilst spending 22% less

Who are Green Mile Bedding?

Green Mile Bedding provides a high-quality performance equine bedding product that helps reduce common horse health issues such as respiratory issues, cracked hooves, and joint damage.

The situation

After dropping their previous PPC solution due to disappointing results, Green Mile Bedding took on the management of the campaigns themselves. This decision failed to yield the results they were looking for and caused significant issues with managing workload.

Another challenge came in competing in an already saturated horse bedding market, where marketing involves persuading customers to switch from traditional shavings or straw to Green Mile Bedding’s alternative, shredded cardboard bedding.

Looking to improve performance, time management, and marketplace prominence, Green Mile Bedding approached Digital Gearbox, putting their faith in the experts to achieve consistent results and get their campaigns on Google and Meta galloping once again.

Our objective

Beyond the usual sales and revenue objectives, Green Mile Bedding’s other objective was to reach cold, in-market audiences to increase sales in the short term and build up a larger long-term customer base.

Our solution

First, we created a Shopping campaign that advertised the 2 cheaper products in their inventory, to draw in customers. To optimize this campaign we altered the supplemental feed names to help Google target the correct audiences. We then altered the product titles through a supplemental feed, helping Google target the correct search queries. 

As Green Mile Bedding sells an expensive product, buyers will likely do research before buying. Therefore, to target in-market audiences at the beginning of their purchase journey, we created a Search campaign dedicated to more general terms, such as ‘cardboard horse bedding’.  To optimize this campaign, we analyzed which devices were the highest converting and biased ad spend toward those.

With performance improving nicely on Google we switched focus to Meta. We tested a variety of creatives with alternate messaging, which focused on the product’s benefits and emphasised ambassador endorsements. 

By testing creative variations, we could see which style of ad audiences responded to best. After analyzing the results gathered over a couple of months, the weakest-performing ads were turned off, pushing spend to the highest-converting creatives. 

Whilst this had an immediate impact on sales on Facebook and Instagram, this also supplemented the ads on Google, by further increasing brand awareness and stimulating searches that we were now appearing prominently for.

The results

Our work had a profound impact on Green Mile Bedding’s sales performance with a 57% increase in conversions and a 110% increase in yearly sales revenue.

We achieved this despite spending less thanks to our reorganisation and declutting of existing campaigns on Google and Meta. Through our efforts and subsequent optimisation we reduced spending across the two platforms by 22%, resulting in a massive 169% increase in return on ad spend.

What Green Mile Bedding had to say

Joey, founder and managing director of Green Mile Bedding was delighted with our service and the subsequent upturn in performance:

“We’ve been working with Digital Gearbox for since August 2023 and its been an absolute pleasure. The team are super friendly and they quickly understood our needs to grow sales and to understand our target audience better.

I would highly recommend Digital Gearbox to anyone who struggles to find the time to manage they’re Google or Social advertising strategy / implementation.”

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