A Google Adwords Keywords Case Study: Reducing Costs & Increasing Quality Traffic3 min read

Our Client – Cornwalls Cottages:

CCCornwalls Cottages offer holiday cottages and self catering accommodation in Cornwall and the surrounding areas. They are unique in the market place as they do not offer brochures as part of their marketing activities, relying solely on their fantastic website to promote their properties.

The company launched with just three properties and now has more than 200 on its books, all managed by just seven staff members! Being part of the tourism trade in Cornwall, Cornwalls Cottages is a seasonally focused business with their busiest times being the Spring and Summer months.

When Cornwalls Cottages CAme to US:

  • They needed more traffic to their website, to increase their volume of enquiries
  • They needed their account to run more efficiently, reducing the cost they were paying per booking
  • They didn’t have the time to spend optimising their Adwords and keeping up to date with new techniques

The Headline Results We Achieved:

Measured against their previous results we:

  • Reduced the cost per click by 33%
  • Increased traffic by 42%

So how did we do it?

Let’s go deeper and talk you through the exact steps we took to achieve this for them.

The Client’s Problem:

Being a young, small business, the Cornwalls Cottages team had a lot of demands on their time. Their Google Adwords account was a key area where a lot of time was being spent, but also one they knew could be done better. As Google Adwords was one of the main sources of traffic for CornwallsCottages.co.uk, our challenge was to increase sales and profitability, driving more clicks for the same budget.

Our Expert Recommendation:

Digital Gearbox recommended that Cornwalls Cottages invest in our Advanced Google Adwords Keywords Package so that we could provide a full review of their account and include a housekeeping audit to make sure all settings were as they should be. We would then go on to look at the advertising structure to make sure no opportunities were being missed.

How do we take an existing Google Adwords Keywords account and improve it?

Working with Cornwalls Cottages web developers, we added tracking code to Cornwalls Cottages website. These codes were allowed us to track bookings and enquiries, enabling us to better apportion spend budget and focus on the most profitable areas of the site.

Next we expanded the account to ensure all geographical areas were covered, ensuring that clicks were not being missed. We also restructured the campaigns, adgroups and keywords to make the account more targeted. In addition, we rebuilt the ads and adtexts, to guarantee searchers were being directed to the most appropriate areas of the website.

With the account fully set up within the first month, the next aim was to focus on continually optimising the ongoing activity. Ongoing optimisation of a Google Adwords Keywords account is essential to keep the account running at a profitable level. This includes refining keywords and adtexts as well as managing bids and budgets to achieve the optimum level of traffic for the spend budget available. Through this process, we were able to build on our great results and keep on pushing for better.

The Feedback

Cornwalls Cottages Quote

Results Recap

Measured against their previous results we:

  • Reduced the cost per click by 33%

  • Increased traffic by 42%

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