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The Google Display Network consists of over 3 million websites and mobile apps. That’s over 3 million opportunities to push your brand, products, and services in front of your target audience.

Sounds good, right?

For some advertisers currently running Display campaigns, it might not be.

Eligibility to join Google’s Adsense programme (the end-user advertising platform) is pretty low these days, so it’s no surprise this has resulted in thousands of low-quality websites and traffic farms.

Rather than boost your brand and bring in business, appearing on some of these websites could actively damage your company’s image.

Who really wants their ads appearing on websites that promote drugs, weapons and hate speech? Who really wants to pay for clicks coming from these apps and websites? Not many we’d wager!

We Have A Solution!

Of course we do.

From our years of scouring and removing rubbish placements, we’ve created a list of well over 19,000 of the worst websites and apps so you can exclude them from your Display campaigns.

Placement reviews can be extremely time consuming, and if left can potentially cost you big in terms of wasted click spend.

Hopefully our exclusion list will save you some time and money.

Want to exclude over 19,000 rubbish websites from your Display campaigns? Simply fill out the form below and our placement exclusion list is yours.

Download Our Exclusion List

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