How to Link Google Adwords and Merchant Center – All about Google Product Extensions1 min read

Google product extensions have been around for a while in the US and are now finally available in the UK.

How to Link Google Adwords and Merchant Center

The first step in activating Product Extensions is to link your Merchant Center account to your Adwords account. Firstly log into Merchant Center, Click the settings tab, and select the Adwords drop down option. Then you simply need to add your Adwords Customer ID in the box and click Add. Your accounts are now linked!

Enabling Product Extensions in Adwords

To enable Product Extensions, you’ll now need to log into your Adwords account. Product extensions are enabled at a campaign level, so navigate to a campaign where you would like to enable the use of product extensions and click the Ad Extensions tab on the main viewing area. Under “view”, select the Product Extensions option. If you then click Save straight away then Google will now show the most relevant products from your Merchant Center feed for every unique search. If you desire you can also choose which products you would like to feature instead of Google choosing them, this is done by clicking the Filter option and defining in the fields that appear, which Merchant Center products you want to feature.

When do Product Extensions appear?

You have very little control over when they actually appear, and it is more to do with when Google thinks it is appropriate, based on the users search query.

Hopefully from enabling product extensions you should see a rise in CTR from your ads, but as it’s a new area for the UK it would be great if you could let us know your results and findings!


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