Iconic UK electrical retailer Comet returns with the help of Digital Gearbox1 min read

Once the UK’s second-largest electrical retailer, Comet has returned following an eight-year absence, and have teamed with Bicester-based PPC specialist agency Digital Gearbox to help re-establish themselves in the marketplace.

Planning initially to trade as a purely online retailer, Comet have chosen Digital Gearbox due to the agency’s proven track record of success managing complex and ever-changing ecommerce enterprises.

Looking to leverage the growth-unlocking powers of platforms such as Google and Facebook, Digital Gearbox’s primary goal will be to raise awareness of Comet’s hot deals for household brands such as Hotpoint, Ring and LG. Strategically positioning personalised ads in front of the right people at just the right time.

Becky Hopkin, Digital Gearbox’s Managing Director said “We’re thrilled to have this opportunity to help re-establish Comet as the UK’s premier online electrical retailer. We have a number of strategies, short and long term, ready to deploy, and feel our team dynamic, built upon a solid foundation of agency ethics, has us set to generate some game-changing results for our new partner.

Andrew Dickens Comet’s Head of Product Management said of the partnership: “Having worked with Digital Gearbox in the past, when we made the decision to relaunch comet there was really only one option for us in terms of PPC. Becky and the team are innovative and supportive and nothing is too much trouble, whilst many agencies are happy to run with what’s easiest Becky will not only guide you down the right path, she’ll explain why it’s the right path. As always, I’d recommend them without hesitation.”

Comet’s relaunched website can be found here

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