How does Google Adwords work? – Infographic1 min read

This infographic is great for all the Adwords novices out there or anyone who is using Adwords but doesn’t really understand what happens at the back end.

We really like how they have explained that quality scores have a vital role in Adwords performance, playing a big role in both determining where ads are positioned in the search results, and also how much you have to pay.

Quality Score is a Google calculated score of how relevant your ads, keywords, and landing page are to your audience. They want you to be providing a good experience for the person who clicks on your ads – so if they have searched for “hats for cats” and you have a relevant keyword which triggers your ad for “cats hats”, then the user expects to land on a page where they can see “hats for cats”. But if the “cat hat” ad sends them to a landing page selling “clogs for dogs” then the user experience is poor, and Google will penalise your quality scores for the poor consistency. Keep the relevance going across your keywords, ads and landing pages and your quality scores will be high.

Alongside the importance of quality scores, this infographic highlights the importance of testing and getting your adgroup structure set up right, some sound tips we practice ourselves here at Digital Gearbox.


How Does Google Adwords Really Work


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