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For many, Google Adwords means adverts that appear on the Google search result pages. These appear when someone on Google searches using a specific keyword or keywords, these are ads appearing on the Google Search Network.

However, there is a whole other way to get your ads in front of your target market using the Google Display Network.

The Display Network, also known as the Content Network, is a huge, and ever increasing group of websites that have agreed to allow Google to display ads on their webpages. These range from small niche websites receiving handfuls of visits, to popular news, auctions, and social media sites visited by millions. Your ads could appear on the wesbite of anyone who has added their site to the AdSense programme.

The Display Network is vast and very flexible. In these examples, despite the ads looking very different and the sites being so different, just using the Display Network can get you onto either.

Why should you use the Google Display Network?

Google lists the benefits of the Display Network as allowing an advertiser to;

  • Place ads on websites that are relevant to what you’re selling.
  • Show ads to the people that are likely to be most interested.
  • Manage and track your budget, campaigns and results as you go
  • Create all types of ads – text, image, interactive and video ads.

Yes, Google is absolutely right, the Display Network offers more ad options and can place ads in front of interested people, but we think it is so much more than that.

  • not limited to people searching on Google
  • not restricted to text ads (although text ads do work very well!)
  • gets you in front of people researching, reading & wanting content that matches your activity, such as in the Argos – Ebay example above.

So if you have a product or service with a clearly defined audience, the Display Network should certainly be on your test list.

Optimising & Working with the Google Display Network

“A complicated animal that is not easily tamed”
There are many different ways to get your ad onto the Display Network including – Remarketing, Audience Targeting, & Standard Keyword Targeting. The potential benefits are great, but the Display Network is a huge and complicated animal that is not easily tamed. Advertising on the Display Network can massively increase the exposure of your ads & display them on a huge variety of websites. But with this comes the danger of paying for traffic from countless websites that could be completely irrelevant to your business. To avoid that you must optimise.

Creating a normal Google Adwords Keyword campaign, switching it on and just leaving it is a very expensive plan, its even more so on the Display Network. Your Display Network strategy must be managed correctly, that includes building it right, regularly monitoring, and optimising ads, targeting and bids. Ads on the Display Network will receive hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions more views than your Search Network ads, without these being relevant to the end user you could just be throwing a lot of your budget into a very deep hole.  A good example of this would be our own ads which frequently appear for sites about mining & metal trading (Indium is a metal) so we are constantly keeping an eye on the results & optimising our ads off such sites.

What do you think of the Google Display Network? Let us know below!

If you’d like to to know more about the Google Display Network contact us.

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