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The 5 Benefits of Using Google Adwords For Increasing Your Local Presence Online4 min read

Previously we discussed how Google’s New Snack Pack Update has dramatically changed the landscape for local businesses wanting to appear in local Google search listings. For those businesses that are no longer appearing when people are searching Google for their service locally, we suggested that this may be the time that they should consider adopting Google Adwords into their marketing strategy to protect local trade.

Below are the 5 Benefits of Using Google Adwords for Increasing Your Local Presence Online that we’ve put together to help you in making the right choice for your business.

1. You are able to get back into the localised search results (almost) instantly!

Once you’ve set up your campaigns and switched everything on your ads will be eligible to be displayed to people searching using the keywords you have set up. That is as soon as it’s all approved by Google.

All ads go through an approval process to make sure they’re safe and appropriate for users, however Google will perform this in an extremely timely fashion (after all it’s in their interests to get your ads up as soon as possible!). Whilst officially it’s promised within 1 business day, typically we’ve seen ads being reviewed and approved within the hour. So as long as you’ve got your bids set up to be competitive within the Adwords Auction, there really is no faster solution to getting your business in front of your target local audiences again!

2. You have total control of the content in the ads

Got a limited time offer on? Or a new service or product that you want to include in your ad? No problem. You can update your ads instantly to include all that juicy information. You can even include a live countdown within your adtext to show that it’s a limited time offer – so if you’ve got a flash offer to offer for your service you can show interested parties just how little time they have got left to claim it!

Best of all you can test different adtext to see what messages or offers your target market better responds to! You can then use the learnings from your tests to expand into other areas of your marketing.

3. you can determine what return you are getting from your investment

Unlike the more traditional local advertising method, such as local magazine adverts or town centre posters, Google Adwords will let you see exactly how many times your ad has been displayed, how many people clicked on it, and, if set up, how many people have converted on your website after clicking on your ad.

Whilst the primary benefit here is that it allows you to see exactly what return you are getting from your marketing investment, you also get to see exactly which keywords and ads are working best to allow you to focus your budget and efforts on the areas that are working best.

4. You only pay for results

Google Adwords operates through a pay-per-click model, so you will only pay when someone actively engages with your ad and makes the decision to get more information.

To just display the ad is free; if someone searches for your services locally but they didn’t for whatever reason click at the time, they will have still seen your business listed amongst the results. They’ll then be more aware of your business as a possible solution to their requirements for the future.

5. It allows you to Target the Web’s largest audience

Above all, Google Adwords gives your business the opportunity to gain precious retail estate on the world’s most commonly used search platform. Take a moment to think about the first place you go to when you are looking for a company to provide you with a service or product that you are looking for. The most common answer in today’s society is Google.

If your business is not there when people are looking for it, then you’re missing out on the opportunity to put your business out there as the solution to their needs.

Any kind of business can drive traffic with Google Adwords! So whether you’re selling products or services, raising awareness, of your business or promoting an event – Google Adwords is there to make sure you’re never lost in the crowd.

Becky Hopkin

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