Top 5 PPC Tips:2 min read

Through managing a whole host of different clients PPC accounts, I’ve come up with a list of the top 5 things to do and bear in mind when running any sort of PPC campaign:
  1. Pin Point Targetting – hands down the most important thing for running an effective PPC campaign. Make sure your keywords in every adgroup are extremely closely related, this will mean that your adtexts can be pin pointed to exactly what you are offering, which in turn makes your ad highly relevant to the search query as well as raising your Quality Score and lowering your CPC.
  2. Ad Copy – the first and only thing a searcher sees is your adtext, that’s all they have to judge whether they will click on your ad or not. All of the hard graft that goes on behind the scenes with keywords and adgroups is wasted if your adtext isn’t up to scratch.
  3. Ad Copy Split Testing – furthermore to the last point, test different adtexts against each other to see what works and what doesn’t. Set your adtexts to be shown evenly, run a few different ads at a time and take a good hard look at the click through and conversion rates. Test things such as differing headlines, brand term usage, title casing words, different landing pages, different destination URL formats, different tones of voice and pushing any special offersyou have running. Pause what doesn’t work, and build upon those that do.
  4. Editor Is Your Friend – when money is time, editor will save you loads! The speed of this offline Adwords editing tool means that you will be done making changes in half the time you would using Adwords online. If you work for an agency or have large campaigns running, it’s essential, and within minutes it will become your best friend.
  5. It’s Ok To Be Negative! – lower your Quality Score and your CPC by spending some time adding in negative keywords to your campaign. Why waste money on clicks that won’t convert? Simply pull off a search report in Adwords and add negatives in for any words you see people visiting your site through that don’t relate to what you are selling.

Becky Hopkin

As MD Becky works to ensure Digital Gearbox’s values are being lived, and that our customers are receiving the best service possible. A self-confessed Disney fanatic, Becky loves spending down time with her golden Labrador, Nala, and her young daughter, Emily.

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