Display & Remarketing

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95% of all traffic will leave a website without taking action.

Want to get them back again?

Google Ads Remarketing on the Display Network allows you to go directly to your target markets with your product without having to rely on them coming to you.

Display works because you can target people using a website or app that’s related in some way to the services you offer — or because they match your target demographic.

With a Google Ads Remarketing Campaign, we can also re-target people that have already been on your website as they browse other people’s sites. Keeping your brand, and products in the mind of potential customers, and getting them to return to the site and buy from you.

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Our Approach

Strategy is everything when creating a Display campaign. The audience selection has to be spot-on. The ad banners have to stand out and engage in a concise manner. The campaign settings have to be tailored to ensure the intention behind the banners is seeded properly.

Get any of these wrong, even slightly, and you could be wasting valuable time and money.

Luckily Digital Gearbox are pretty good when it comes to crafting Google Ads remarketing and Display campaigns. Thorough research will ensure the correct audience, and crucially, placement, of responsive banner ads – created to the latest best practice guidelines.

No creative? That’s okay, our team also has plenty of graphic design experience! We can create ad banners that will draw attention and stimulate that click.