Success Story: Restorate

We scaled Restorate’s Google Ads activity and increased their return on ad spend by over 25% using Performance Max.

Here’s how we did it.

Who are Restorate?

Restorate are a family business who offer high-quality products for antique restoration and wood working.

They came to us looking to step up their Google Ads activity. While they had run campaigns previously, they needed to be able to properly advertise all of their product lines profitably.

Previously, their products had been grouped into single campaigns which meant that some brands were being overshadowed by others. With this organisation it was difficult to push certain lines to a profitable level.

What did we do?

First, we looked to change on the account was the structure of the campaigns. Where things were previously gathered together, we moved brands into their own Performance Max campaigns instead. This allowed us to set individual targets for each line, and we were able to address issues easier based on the unique aspects of each product type.

Next, each brand was given unique assets, and the products provided to the campaigns were changed based on what was the focus for the season/what was in stock. The added assets allowed us to utilise every aspect of a Performance Max campaign, to allow ads to show for customers across Search, Shopping & Display sections of Google.

What were the results?

What we saw through the new structure was a gradual increase in ROAS across the time of management, from where we were able to push brands harder and tailor things more effectively.

From April to October, we were able to jump results from a ROAS of 3.29 to 7.97 (with a high of 8.08 in September) whilst also increasing the budget spent on the account.

This increase wasn’t just carried by a single, well-performing product line, but rather by the growth of every Performance Max campaign in the account.

In September, we managed to bring all 12 of the Performance Max campaigns (with different brands for each) to a ROAS above 5, with the lowest being 5.27. In October, we were able to keep this consistent growth going, with all campaigns once again being above 5, although the lowest this time was 5.78.

One thing we did notice is that as we pushed the account towards better returns, the impressions ultimately got smaller. At first, it appeared to be a negative result, but what it ultimately meant is that Google was pushing the ads to a higher calibre audience, that was more likely to come through and convert, rather than click and spend the client’s budget.

What’s the plan moving forward?

As always, we are still aiming for bigger and better returns with Restorate’s Google Ads activity, and won’t be stopping with the current results, instead looking to boost things further as we move into the new year.

Now that things are consistently seeing reliable returns, the next step is to increase returns across the board, up to the high ROASs of 8+ that we are seeing on some of the better-performing campaigns.

What did Restorate have to say?

Sam Mitchell, Restorate’s managing director, was thrilled with the results our experts delivered:

“Dan and the team at Digital Gearbox have provided a fantastic service, helping us navigate the ever-changing challenges of Google Ads. They have taken time to understand our business, have weekly check-ins to understand our priorities and give updates, and offer excellent advice along the way.

Dan always takes the initiative and investigates anomalies and possible improvements, implementing positive changes without hassle. Our ROAS is continually climbing thanks to their help.”

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