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With 3.2 billion users spending an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes a day on Social Media platforms, the usefulness of a Paid Social campaign might be pretty obvious.

Whether using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or TikTok, campaigns can be created to reach new audiences, audiences similar to competitors, organic likers of your page, or even previous website visitors.

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Our Approach

Expertise That Speaks Volumes
In the ever-evolving social media landscape, precision is king. Our team of experts brings unparalleled expertise to the forefront, ensuring your paid ad campaigns resonate with your target audience.

Tailored Audience Targeting
The days of the “one-size-fits-all” advertising approach are long over. We employ advanced targeting strategies, allowing your ads to reach the most relevant audience segments based on demographics, interests, and behavior.

Compelling Visual Storytelling
Your brand deserves to stand out. Our creative minds craft visually compelling and engaging ad creatives that not only capture attention but also tell your story in a way that resonates with social media users.

Cross-Platform Integration
Social media is diverse, and so are our strategies. We seamlessly integrate your paid social ads across various platforms, amplifying your brand message and engaging potential customers wherever they spend their time.

Transparent Performance Analytics
Results matter. Our transparent reporting provides detailed insights into the performance of your campaigns. Track key metrics, understand audience behavior, and measure the return on investment with clarity and confidence.

Our Process

1. Strategic Campaign Planning

We don't just run ads; we craft campaigns. We plan and execute strategic campaigns, aligning your brand message with the social media landscape for maximum impact.

2. Engaging Ad Formats

From captivating carousel ads to interactive stories, we leverage diverse ad formats to keep your audience engaged and create memorable interactions with your brand.

3. Continuous Optimisation for Success

Social media trends evolve, and so do our strategies. We continuously optimise your campaigns, ensuring they remain aligned with the latest trends and are poised for ongoing success.

💡 Success Stories

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Here are some recent examples of how we’ve successfully implemented our approach to Paid Social ads.

🤝 Why Should You Work With Us?

We Save You Time

PPC management can take a lot of time. Our experts take the burden off your hands, freeing you up for the stuff you actually enjoy doing.

We Improve Performance

PPC performance dwindling? Not sure how to take things to the next level? We have a proven track record of improving paid ad accounts.

We’re Data Driven

We love data - it’s how we excel, so the more data we can collect the better. We will agree KPIs and targets with you, and ensure that we are accurately measuring them.

We Care!

We genuinely want to help you succeed. We seek to build long-term trust-based partnerships that are focused around your successes and personal objectives.

👑 Choose A Premier Partner!

In early 2023 our decade of growing businesses with PPC was officially recognised with Google Premier Partner status, a distinction reserved for only the top 3% best-performing ad agencies in the country.

Being a Premier Partner is good for us, but it’ll be great for your business too!

Benefits of choosing a Premier Partner:

⭐ Product Beta. Gain access to new cutting-edge innovations before anyone else.

⭐ Better Insights. Be privy to the latest information to stay ahead of ever-changing consumer behaviors and industry trends.

⭐ Superior Support. Something not quite right? Premier Partners can cut through the red tape with quicker and more effective Google support.

⭐ Improved offers. New to Google Ads? Premier Partners can offer up to £500 (may vary from region) towards your first campaigns.

✋ You Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Paid social media ads benefit your business by providing targeted reach, precise audience segmentation, and measurable results, offering advantages over organic strategies through enhanced visibility, broader audience reach, and the ability to amplify brand messages to specific demographics, ultimately driving more immediate and measurable engagement and conversions.

Targeting options for paid social include demographics, interests, behaviors, location, and custom audiences, ensuring relevance to your target audience by allowing precise segmentation and tailoring of ads based on specific characteristics and online activities of the intended audience.

We measure the success of paid social media ad campaigns by prioritising key performance indicators (KPIs) such as click-through rates, conversion rates, engagement metrics, return on ad spend (ROAS), and overall campaign reach, providing comprehensive insights to assess and optimise the effectiveness of the campaigns aligned with your business goals.

We prioritise brand safety by utilising platform tools for content exclusions, thorough vetting of placement options, and continuous monitoring, ensuring that paid social media ads are displayed in environments aligned with your brand values and are shielded from association with inappropriate or sensitive content.

The social media platform you choose to advertise will depend on your business goals, target audience demographics, and industry. Facebook and Instagram (Meta) are popular due to the large size of the platform. LinkedIn is a popular social media platform for B2B businesses looking to generate new leads. TikTok is an emerging new platform popular with younger audiences. Our determination is informed by an in-depth analysis of platform demographics, user behavior, and the alignment of platform features with your specific business objectives.

We tailor ad creatives by incorporating brand elements, messaging that resonates with your target audience’s preferences, utilising visually appealing content, and incorporating compelling calls-to-action to ensure alignment with your brand message and effective engagement on social media platforms.

We optimise paid social media ad campaigns by continuously analysing performance data, adjusting targeting parameters, experimenting with ad creatives, staying abreast of evolving market trends, and adapting strategies promptly to ensure the best return on investment (ROI) and sustained effectiveness.

We stay updated on the latest features and changes in the rapidly-evolving social media landscape through ongoing industry research, participation in platform updates and training, and monitoring industry publications, enabling us to adapt our paid social advertising strategies with agility and precision in response to emerging trends and algorithmic shifts.

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Paid Social

Leverage popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok to boost your profile, find new customers, or target previous website visitors.


Harness the power of automated technology and algorithmic tools that position you in front of potential customers based on their browsing habits and other crucial indicators.