How Do I Make Money From Web 2.0?1 min read

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Web 2.0 is based on users having input into both the scope and content of the site. Many large sites have used the principles of web 2.0 very successfully (e.g. Facebook and Wikipedia) and have quickly built vast numbers of visitors and frequent users. However, these sites have struggled to monetise their users – Facebook have now introduced ads to drive revenue from their community.

There are also many ways of using Web 2.0 principles to drive visitors and revenue to your ecommerce site:

Customer Reviews: Customer reviews generate revenue through reassuring other customers’ about the quality of your products / service. They also generate unique, keyword rich content for SEO which leads to improved organic rankings, more visits and more money! The best thing about customer reviews is that the content on your site grows (often quickly) without the need to invest many hours of time creating it.

Content Sharing: Adding book marking and buttons to your site allows sharing through social networks to increase the reach of your message and allow deep linked product and SEO pages to be forwarded quickly to a large number of connections which will drive you more unpaid traffic.

Social Networking: Use popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to communicate with your customers and prospects. Setting up a Facebook page for your business is quick, easy and can generate a large number of contacts if you promote it effectively through other more traditional marketing channels like email. Once setup and established, it becomes a powerful and effective way of communicating and driving more traffic to your site.

Implementing these ideas which are based on the principles of Web 2.0 will improve your marketing, drive more traffic to your site, reassure your customers and ultimately generate more conversions and revenue.

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